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About Us

Uganda Youth Soccer Academy was founded in October 2007 by a group of visionary young people in Uganda with a holistic vision to Empower the Youth, Girls and Women living in Urban Slums of Kampala Uganda Using Soccer. Geographically Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is currently operating in slum in Kampala Districts



Empowering Girls and Women in Ugandan Slums

Empowering Girls and Women in Urban Slums, is an entrepreneurial skills Development Project, developed and being implemented by Uganda Youth Soccer Academy to benefit Orphaned Girls, widowed women and Single Mothers in Urban Slums in Uganda.


Why girls and Women

Improving girls and women lives. As an educated Girl or mother, an active citizen and an ambitious entrepreneur, or prepared employee, they can break the cycle of poverty.

Despite their proven potential, in Uganda Today , many are uneducated, child bride, targeted as sex workers, raped and exposed to HIV/AIDS, girls and Women in Urban Slums have turned to fetching water and wood rather than learning to read and write and many Girls bear children while they are still children themselves. The world has been missing out on a tremendous Economic opportunity for change.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Create Conditions that Support and Value Girls and Women in Urban Slums. Through this Project Women and Girls will be trained in Skills of their own Choice, as a Strategy to Empower them to be able to Generate Income for their daily needs. Through this Project, Girls and Women will be trained in making HandCrafts, this includes Baskets, Mats, Trays, Table Mats, Door Mats etc that they can easily sell off up town, other skills that will be provided include Commercial Cookery and Bakery, where they are taught to make Cookies, Pan Cakes, Donuts, Bans, Bread etc. On the other they will also be trained how Rear Rabbits, Pigs, and Chicken and lastly also we will train them in Horticulture this involves growing of Tomatoes, Cabbages, Egg Plants, Passion fruits and many others. After one year of this Project, 60% or the Project Beneficiaries will be able to Earn money and meet their basic needs; some even are able to pay for their own School fees

Kick Out Malaria Campaign

Economic Impact of Epidemic Malaria in UGANDA

Malaria is endemic to the poorest countries in the world, causing 300 to 500 million clinical cases and more than one million deaths each year. More than 90% of malaria deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa (approximately 3,000 deaths each day), and almost all the deaths are children younger than 5, where it kills an African child every 30 seconds. Many children who survive an episode of severe malaria may suffer from learning impairments or brain damage.

Pregnant women and their unborn children in Urban Slums where we operate are particularly vulnerable to malaria, which, during pregnancy, is a major cause of mortality, low birth weight and maternal anemia. And while we know malaria is preventable, the lack of resources, coupled with a climate very hospitable to the deadliest strain of malaria, has made the disease a leading cause of death among Ugandan children.

The Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets protect sleeping children from mosquitoes when the mosquitoes are the most active (at night, between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.). Most nets can last up to five years and cover at least two people. Talk to your pupils at school and encourage them to talk to their parents about providing a family in Africa with a $10 mosquito net. You can help save a life—maybe even a kid your age! Malaria infection can be controlled by providing sustainable preventive measures, such as the use of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN)


Imagine, one day the child lives in the street or slum, with a piece of plastic to cover themselves, one meal a day, no school and poor future with no one to believe in them, next day with your help, a sponsor family who will support with a monthly fee , the child can find themselves on a new mattress, on a warm bed, in a secure and caring environment in a good boarding school, with new clothes/uniforms, 3 meals a day and good education, new identity, new foster family and a new sponsor family, and a new future , not commercial and 100% transparent!

You will meet your child several times on Skype; get contact details to the School, and Foster family, copy of school records and invoices if requested. Only 10% of all donations go to administration to support other Orphans in the academy without a Sponsor family, renting Sports facilities, facilitating coaches, paying medical treatment to other Orphans without a sponsor family etc


Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is greatly involved in the HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention campaigns focused on schools and slum population which is uneducated and ignorant. This is in response to the staggering currents statistics released by UNAIDS, which indicate a high rate of infections between the ages of 14-25. In Sub-Saharan Teens and young adults ages 15-24 currently make up almost a third of the 42 million people known to be living with HIV/AIDS. UNAIDS Statistics on Uganda indicate between 90,000-136,000 young women aged 14-24 are living with HIV/AIDS and 39,000-58,000 young men are living with HIV/AIDS. Sub-Saharan Africa has been more devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic than any other world region. The epidemic is taking an enormous toll on the region’s youth: Nearly 10 million women and men aged 15–24—roughly one in 14 young adults—are living with HIV/AIDS, and half of new infections in 2003 occurred among this age-group.

In addition, youth have suffered indirectly from the epidemic: Millions of children and teenagers in Sub-Saharan Africa have lost at least one parent to AIDS.


The HIV/AIDS epidemic has created an orphan crisis in Uganda; its believed over 1.5 million Ugandan children under 14 have lost a parent or both to the epidemic. These children are left helpless, Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is supporting such Children through education support which includes scholastic materials e.g. Books, Pens, pencils, and school uniform.

A person living with HIV/AIDS needs our support, care and encouragement to be able to handle their situation better without resentment. In this category, Uganda Youth Soccer Academy is helping people living with HIV/AIDS through counseling, training in micro enterprise, and treatment.


People affected by disaster whether natural or man made need help, Uganda Youth Soccer Academy together with its partners will raise humanitarian support, material and financial to respond to disasters such as war, famine, etc. Apparently UYSA has been heavily involved in creating both Local & and International awareness on the Humanitarian crisis by people affected by the 18 years LRA insurgency in Northern Uganda.


Uganda Youth Soccer Academy, through various local and international partners is working on a sanitation drive to help clean up the slums where we operate because the slums are affected by poor drainage,lack of toilets and clean water. The main reason behind this move is to teach our familiesthe importance of a clean environment for better health involving community sensitisation on clean enviroment